Remember That Time I Was Contributing To A Book?

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I’m contributing to a book.

Part of me (most of me?) wants to curl up in a ball in the corner when I think about it. 

But I’m doing it. 

I’m doing it because it’s the type of thing I wanted to be able to say “yes” to when I decided to leave full-time work in education. 

I’m doing it because it’s another way to connect with parents – and especially women with children – in a similar season of life to me, and these connections have been a lifeline for me.

I’m doing it because I’ve always felt moved to write. I’ve always heard music in the way words come together on the page. I’ve always felt like I had something in me to share in this way.

So What Is This Book About?

The book is called “Raising Children in a Changing World: Life Stories from Global Parents.” It will (hopefully!) be published through Let’s Author, anon-traditional publisher, later this fall. 

Let’s Author works similarly to Kickstarter, so my fellow contributors and I are currently working to meet our fundraising goal of 500 pre-orders. You can click here to learn more about the book, Let’s Author, and to pre-order the book.

I’m also sharing a short excerpt from my chapter on the blog below. I appreciate you reading and would love to hear reactions and feedback in the comments – it’s still a work in progress!

Book Excerpt

As a child, when I went to my mother with a problem, with an illness, with a scratch or a scrape, she’d look at it, at me, and say, “Ya fine.” It became a running joke. We never missed a day of school. We didn’t cry. We tried not to feel sad, or at least not to show it. Now, at 38 years old and the parent of three young children, I’ve finally (started) to learn how to talk about my feelings, communicate what I need, and unpack a lifetime of people-pleasing and pressing down emotions. And you want me to parent like that too? Y’all are asking too much. How do you parent in a way you were not parented? How do you do it while you are still in process, still recovering, still untangling a childhood that gave way to an adulthood of emotional gaps? How do you connect with a child and teach them to connect with themselves when you are still searching for you?

We live in a world of “gentle” parenting. We know now that, as parents, it is our job to support our children to learn to regulate their emotions so they can become adults who are confident in themselves and able to navigate the challenges of this ever-changing world. But many of our parents didn’t know that, weren’t supported like that, and did not parent like that. We are a generation of parents with one foot in the old and one foot in the new and the dichotomy of this is a lot to process.

I have focused a lot on my parenting and the strategies I use to get my children to eat, to sleep, to listen to directions, to not harm each other. It’s only recently that I’ve been forced to pause and reflect on myself and how the way I was parented impacts how I parent and feel about parenting. This has led me to zoom out and think about generational trends and how it’s more than just me. This chapter offers a mirror and a soft place to land for parents, like me, who are simultaneously processing their own childhood and building better habits, while trying to support their children to do the same. 


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