A Very Bookish Valentine’s Day

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I am very influenced by the “feel” of each month of the year. 

For me, October, November, and December are all about cozy – the weather cools off in Houston and we fill the days with family holiday traditions and activities.

January has the new year and birthday vibes that make me feel motivated to start new habits and get back into routines.

Then there is February. In the past, this shortest month has felt like a slog. Like a place to pass through from the high of January to the marking of a new season in March. 

In 2019, I saw Miranda from Live Free Creative Co. post about how Valentine’s Day is a family holiday for her family, and they celebrate with a book dinner. 

I loved this idea and ran with it, tweaking it a bit for my family. And for the past four years, it has been something we all look forward to and it has changed how I feel about February.

How We Celebrate A Bookish Valentine’s Day as a Family

Decorations – Growing up, my mom was a big holiday decorator and it was such a joyful part of my childhood. I’ve continued this for my own kids and they love pulling out the bin of decorations to mark the beginning of a new holiday season. And it’s never too late – it’s the day before Valentine’s day and we haven’t had a chance to decorate yet; I’m hoping we will do it tonight, but if we don’t get to it, we will still do it this weekend just because it is fun.

Breakfast Book Dinner – Heart tablecloth from Target? Check. Paper plates with hearts from the Dollar Store? Check. The novelty of waffles and eggs for dinner? Check. (I’m not sure why this feels like a novelty because we do breakfast for dinner at other non-holiday times, but it does.) I put each child’s book at their place at the table; this year I went with a Baby-Sitters Little Sister graphic novel for Big E, who is 7, this picture book for Little E, who is 3, and this picture book for J, who is 3. For a new twist this year, my husband mentioned something about pink waffles and we are all excited.

Beach Getaway – I grew up near the beach, but I don’t get there very much these days. It made me really excited to start an annual Valentine’s family tradition of heading to our nearest beach during February for an overnight trip. We stay at a resort hotel right on the water, enjoy the heated pool, and make it affordable by doing a Sunday to Monday stay when the rates are way cheaper. The first year, I made the trip a surprise that we shared at our Valentine’s dinner, and I thought we would do a surprise each year, but we ended up liking this resort so much that we just go back each year.

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