A Day In The Life of  Reader: Summer Edition

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A Day In The Life of a Reader: Summer Edition

I did one of these posts back in the fall and it was so interesting to reflect on how I spend my time during a day and when I fit reading in – so I thought I’d do another one.

This summer we’ve been doing an earlier pickup from daycare and going on afternoon adventures. Spoiler alert: sometimes those adventures include books.

5:30 am: I snooze my alarm. I’m one of those people that just has to; it’s been more than 20 years and it’s too late to change. 

5:59 am: My alarm goes off for the third time and I wait for the air conditioning to kick back on before I can go downstairs. Why? My three-year-old twins’ room is right next to the stairs and they sleep with the door open because we’ve given up that fight. The sound of opening the stair-top gate and creeping down the stairs can wake them up, but the air intake vent, which is also right next to the stairs, covers the noise when it’s on. Being a toddler parent is wild.

6:04 am: I make it downstairs. I make the coffee and settle in with my notebook and morning read, Big Magic. With some nonfiction books, I like to work through them slowly and write notes after reading each chapter. Big Magic falls into this category.

6:27 am: There is a child upstairs who is refusing my husband’s help to go to the bathroom. To avoid cleaning pee up from the floor, I go upstairs to help the child. 

6:45 am: So begins the morning gauntlet. Make breakfast, pack bags, find clothes for the little girls, do hair for the little girls, empty the dishwasher, give Blue, our dog, his meds and food. 

7:53 am: My husband has been taking the girls to camp in the morning this summer, so the house is quiet. I get dressed and go out with Blue for my walk. I’m listening to Summer Stage and enjoying it; a beachy setting and an interesting event that brings different family members together. 

8:43 am: I run into the new PTO president for my daughter’s school while walking. We end up talking for 20 minutes before I have to excuse myself to get home in time for a meeting. Interactions like this make me feel like a real adult who is part of the community.

9:22 am: I grab a second cup of coffee and run to my computer for a meeting with a new client. I manage to change my shirt, which is soaked through, before the meeting starts. #houstonsummer

10:12 am: I settle in for a work burst. I follow up on a few items from the meeting I just had and then work on a project management certificate course I am taking. Alongside The Connected Reader, I’m building an independent consulting business. After 16 years of working in education in Houston, this is a wild ride, but it feels worth it for me and my family.

12:32pm: I heat up some leftovers for lunch and continue working on the project management course. 

1:30 pm: I have a call with a fellow consultant who is starting out on this journey, like me. We try to chat monthly and it is so validating to know I’m not alone in the questions and worries.

2:22 pm: I literally run out the door and into my car to pick up the little girls from camp by 2:30 pm. I know that if I hit the traffic lights right, I can get there in 6 minutes. 

2:56 pm: Big E, my 8-year-old daughter, was unexpectedly back from a field trip at camp, so I picked her up too. We stop back home so she can change her clothes, but she won’t go inside by herself. I get super annoyed because it’s hot and I just want to get to our destination, and I don’t want to have to take everyone out of the car and why can’t you do this simple thing? I slam the car door and go inside with her to find the clothes, then pop back out. Deep breaths. When she returns, I apologize to everyone for slamming the door.

3:12 pm: We are running out of ideas for free things to do in the afternoons when it feels too hot to be outside. Today,  we try something new and head to a fast food place for cheap vanilla soft serve cones. While the girls eat, we read a few library books – this one, and this one, and this one – and then they play in the indoor play area. It is a delightful afternoon.

4:48 pm – I stop at the pharmacy drive thru to pick up a prescription on the way home. Why is the wait always so long when there are whining children in the back seat?

6:03 pm – The girls and I eat dinner and do smilies and frownies, where we share something that made us smile that day and something that made us frown. Two out of three children participate and I try to decipher the charming and convoluted stories from a toddler.

6:30 pm – My husband takes Big E to gymnastics and Little E and J help me clear the table. One wipes the table with a wet cloth and the other dries and this is the highlight of their evening.

6:54 pm – It’s a tubby night, so we head up stairs. In our house we have “quick tubbies” for nights when we are tired and you just need to get clean and go to bed, and “play tubbies” for when we have more time and patience. Tonight is a “play tubby” so the girls make potions and I read Blood Debts for book club while sitting on the bathroom floor.

7:49 pm – Little E and J are in bed and I’m sitting in my bedroom scrolling on my phone while I wait for them to settle. I hear Big E and my husband come in from gymnastics and get a bedtime snack. Once 15 minutes have past with no interruptions from the little girls, I get in the shower. 

8:52 pm – Big E has showered and I tuck her in. Then my husband and I watch an episode of After Party in bed. We loved the first season, and this second season is okay so far; we don’t love it but we want to know who did it. 

9: 47 pm –  I want to read more, but I was falling asleep watching the show. Lights out for me.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Even if you don’t use the links, I highly recommend checking out Bookshop.org and Libro.fm for access to tons of titles while still supporting an indie bookstore.

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Sarah · July 24, 2023 at 8:26 pm

Love this post-A Day in the Life is so fun!! This summer, most of my reading has been audio (doing dishes, folding, laundry, etc). Not too much on the page, but I am hoping to get back into that this week. Remarkably Bright Creatures is the charming book that is breaking my reading rut 🙂 Excited for your newsletter!

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