A Day In The Life Of A Reader

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I recently participated in Laura Tremaine’s One Day Hour by Hour challenge on Instagram.

I really enjoyed the challenge because sharing the nitty gritty of my day made me feel seen and I felt connection with others who shared. Lots of moms who work outside the home out there balancing all the things, and some finishing the day with a sweet treat just like me. I also felt a lot of gratitude for and awareness of my privilege in having such a flexible work schedule in this season.

Looking back at my day, I found it interesting to think about when I make time for reading. I realize I’ve built some routines that ensure reading is part of my daily life and I wanted to share what that looks like for me right now. 

I’d love for you to share how you fit in reading in your daily life in the comments!

A Day In The Life Of A Reader

5:29 am – Made the coffee while listening to a podcast I found recently. It’s called Sticky Bun Boys and it’s David and Michael, from a few seasons back on the Great British Baking Show, recapping the current season. It is silly fun and I’m loving it. I kept listening while planning out the week ahead in my Southworth planner, which I love and am sad about because I don’t like any styles available for 2023. Other planner suggestions welcome!

6:11 am – Sipping coffee and doing some blog writing. Trying to get into a groove of regular writing and sharing two posts a week. Feeling wonder that no one has woken up to interrupt my morning quiet time. It’s going to be a good day!

6:31 am – Often, we go to bed without cleaning up the kitchen from the day before. I would say this is a season, but it’s not, it’s just who I am. I start a new audiobook and tackle it now, followed by breakfast and bag prep while my husband gets the kids ready upstairs.

7:46 am – Breakfast chaos. Big E lost a tooth while eating her toast. Little E and J are throwing “chocolate” toast (it’s pumpernickel) off their plates even though they begged for it two days ago. And they refuse to put on shirts because they like being “cold”. 

8:23 am – My husband has taken Big E to school and I’m finally getting out the door with Little E and J. They “run around” as part of their morning routine; this includes running laps in the driveway and pulling leaves off the fig tree. I eventually herd them into the car and we are off to daycare.

8:56 am – I like to sit in my car for a few minutes post-daycare drop off. The morning often feels like a gauntlet and this is my regrouping time. I respond to texts and Marco Polos from far away friends and enjoy the quiet and stillness.

9:39 am – I’ve had my eggs and toast and now I’m settled with a second cup of coffee. My desk is a mess, so I’ve set up in the TV room. I’ve recently shifted to part-time at work with the goal of a full transition to a new industry in 2023. I don’t have set hours, so I’ve been using morning time to work on the blog and do career planning. Right now, I’m reading this book that’s helping me reflect and be intentional about my next steps. 

9:58 am – Blue Bear, our nine-year-old puppy, sticks his muzzle in my lap, covering the laptop keyboard. He is my biggest cheerleader – and he wants to go on a walk.

10:53 am – I cross off some work and life odds and ends off the to-do list while watching the new A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime in the background. 

12:37 pm – I eat lunch and do the Wordle. My aunt, mom, cousin, and I have a group text where we all use the same starter word and see who can get the answer first. It’s been going strong for months and I like to do it during my lunch break. It’s raining, so instead of a walk, I’m doing laundry and other things around the house to get some steps in while listening to my audiobook.

2:12 pm – Picked up Big E early for a doctor’s appointment. It’s a bit of a drive so we listen to Anne of Green Gables, which feels right on this rainy, fall day.

4:01 pm – Driving home in the rain takes double the time it usually does. But we get there safely and have more audiobook time.

5:12 pm – Daycare pickup. The running to be greeted with a hug does not get old.

6:14 pm – Dinner with the family around the table. We talked to my mom on Facetime and did “smilies and frownies” – what we call sharing something that made you smile that day and something that made you frown or feel sad. Little E had a very elaborate story involving a choo choo train that made her smile today, and while we couldn’t exactly follow what happened, it made us giggle.

6:43 pm – Big E is typing up a story she wrote for school and Little E and J are playing restaurant. My husband and I are sitting on the couch and I’m flipping through Real Simple from October, which leads us to a debate about the value of an air fryer. I love having family moments that are not urgent; nowhere to go, nothing to do.

8:56 pm – As I was walking up the stairs to put Little E and J to bed, I get a text reminding me that I have book club tonight. I guess I did have somewhere to be. I pass the baton of bedtime responsibility to my husband, locate my book and laptop, and snuggle in on the couch. This book club is for YA books and it is virtual because the members are scattered across the country. We were originally all in Houston when we started 7 years ago. We took a break for a few years and then restarted, virtually, right before the pandemic started. Tonight we are reading The Wolves Are Watching and celebrating the author, who just happens to be our friend and fellow book club member!

9:41 pm – That’s a wrap! I settle into bed with a holiday romance and some ice cream; ultimate cozy comforts to end the day.

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