A Day In The Life of a Reader: Winter Edition

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A day in the life of a reader

The last few years, I’ve been really interested in how I spend my time, and there is nothing more eye-opening than recording what you are doing at different points in the day. I’ve shared a few Day in The Life of a Reader posts in the past, including fall and summer. This day was interesting because it was an unexpectedly off-schedule day. I’m starting to learn that when things like this happen, it’s okay to be gentle with myself and have a slower day than I had originally planned.

What are your days looking like? How are you fitting reading in your days?

A Day In The Life Of A Reader

6am – A child is whining at the side of my bed, but I can’t determine what they are whining about. They climb in and snuggle at the end of the bed. At some point, big sister calls them to go watch TV on the iPad.

7:40am – There have been several calls for breakfast. I finally open my eyes and make them stay open. Normally I would have been up for at least an hour, but school and daycare is canceled because of a freeze. #texas

8am – I venture downstairs where it is 52 degrees inside, according to the thermostat. The heat is on and it is at least 20 degrees warmer upstairs. Obviously something is wonky with the AC/Heater. I hate adulting. I start the coffee, breakfast for the kids, and clear dishes we left out last night, but I don’t start the dishwasher because we are supposed to be conserving energy.

8:15am – I have a little helper with me in the kitchen and we finish making breakfast and carry everything upstairs. We are going to stay up there today. I bundle up, come back down and sip my coffee by myself. I make a book review reel and post it. I scroll my phone, reading about the Emmy awards from the night before. Yes, Chef!

9am – I come back upstairs and sit at my desk. Review my calendar, update my planner, check Slack and LinkedIn. I do a few quick tasks. The children are still happily playing together, making a fort in one of their bedrooms. I decide I should probably brush my hair and teeth before getting on a Zoom meeting.

11am – I look up and realize I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I head downstairs to make some eggs, and an English muffin with avocado. I listen to my current audiobook, Biting The Hand: Growing Up Asian In Black and White America, while I cook and eat. I make a call to find out if there is volleyball practice that evening (there is not). The kids are still playing and watching Octonauts upstairs so I go knock and say “room service” to ask what they want for lunch. I make lunch and bring it up for them to eat while they pretend they are staying at a hotel.

12:30pm – I prep for a virtual class I teach each afternoon. I teach the class and somehow, no one barges in to interrupt me.

2pm – I head back downstairs to make lunch. I eat while watching  The Crown and doing a crossword puzzle. After 19 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, I needed a new show and this is what I settled on. I feel inertia and do some Instagram scrolling, while the kids are doing quiet time upstairs.

3pm – I head back upstairs and return to my desk. I check messages and do some quick tasks. I get a text that school is on for tomorrow, so I review my calendar for the day and confirm a doctor’s appointment for me and one of the kids. 

3:40pm – The afternoon malaise hits. I get in bed and read a few pages of Northanger Abbey, then I doze for a bit until my husband wakes me up because the AC/Heater technician is here.

4:20pm – I head downstairs and heat up a cup of coffee. I scroll a bit while the technician works. The kids are still playing together. It has been a banner day for this.

5pm – I stick my headphones in again to listen to my audiobook and start dinner. We are having omelets, hashbrowns, and biscuits. I clean up the kitchen in between cooking. We all sit at the table to eat and we talk about going back to school tomorrow.

6pm – Two kids have developed a runny nose and one sore throat throughout the day, which could just be the cold and the heater, which we are not used to having on much. To be cautious, we want to test for Covid. I go to the cabinet to get the test, but we are out. My husband and Big E run out to Target to get some. Little E and J play – they are hugely into make believe with their Paw Patrol figures these days – and I lay on the couch and listen to their little voices.

7:20pm – The inertia gets me again. Sometimes it’s hard to get up and get everyone to bed. Usually my husband does it, but he’s out at the store. I finally get up and herd the little ones up the stairs to bed. Then I get in myself and watch more of The Crown while doing crossword puzzles. My husband and Big E get home and they watch a show downstairs, then come up for bed.

9:20pm – I go back downstairs because we forgot to feed the dog. I come back up, read more Northanger Abbey, check on the kid with the sore throat, and then go to sleep. 

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